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4/10  Chronic Audio NYC has just completed scoring, composition, and music production on director Al Santana’s up coming independent film, “Flush”.

3/10  Chronic Audio NYC is in the studio with dance artist, Tommie Nibbs,  co-writing and producing two singles, “Blue Magic” and “Triumph,” to follow up his number-one hit, “All We Need Is Love” (due for release summer 2010).

3/10  Chronic Audio NYC would like to congratulate glam-electro sensation, Revel Hotel, on the release of their five-song EP, “Beating of the Wings”. Produced in our studio by Kelley Kelley and Robert Tahija. (Get it now on iTunes or CD Baby.)

3/10  Chronic Audio NYC finishes up production and mixing of Indie Rock band, Mussels’, two-part epic “We Had It All”.